• Ichiraku Ramen is a small restaurant in Konohagakure, which serves ramen. It is also Naruto Uzumaki and Iruka Umino's favourite place to eat. It is run by Teuchi and his daughter Ayame. The two consider Naruto their favourite customer and have never viewed him in a negative light.
  • KiyoSushi is a small sushi bar owned by Hiro Kiyomizu. It is considered the best sushi place in not just Konoha, but the Land of Fire! The ingredients are all fresh, but it's Hiro's incredible skill that makes the most out of it.
  • The Konoha Library is a public library in Konohagakure. It is centrally located and is accessible by all members of the village. It contains books referring to many subjects ranging from advanced medical textbooks to self help books about social interaction.
  • The Jōnin Standby Station  is a building located in Konohagakure beside the Ninja Academy where the heart of the village's power, the jōnin, stay when waiting for the Hokage's orders or emergencies, as well as when they are off duty. This building first appeared during the Chūnin Exams, when Asuma Sarutobi, Kurenai Yūhi and Kakashi Hatake stayed there while the genin took the first part of the exam.
  • The Ninja Academy is a huge building in Konohagakure located directly at the base of the Hokage Mountain. It is where prospective ninja are trained (Academic Division) and where official ninja receive their assignments (Administrative Division).
  • The Mission Assignment Desk is located within the Ninja Academy where shinobi go to in order to receive most of their missions from the Hokage. The Mission Assignment Desk is located within a huge, wide-open space with six windows and high ceilings with two stick-like lights. The ceiling also has the kanji for the word "shinobi" printed on it. There is a long table where the Hokage and other ninja sit when distributing the missions. On the front of the desk, there is a white banner with the kanji that says "mission assignment this way" (ninmu uketsuke wa kochira made) and at the top is another banner that says "everybody, do your best" (minna-san ganba).
  • The Hokage Residence is a large mansion occupied by the Hokage during their reign, and is located close to both the Academy and Hokage Monument.[1] Circular in design, it is also one of the largest buildings inKonohagakure, towering over most other buildings. There is also the kanji for "Fire" (火) painted on the roof of the building. It is filled with many forbidden scrolls, in which lie the secrets to many techniques. 
  • The Konoha Hospital serves the medical needs of ninja and other villagers in Konohagakure. Though the staff is skilled enough to treat most basic ailments, Tsunade and other more advanced medical-nin must step in to assist with severe injuries. Security for the hospital is apparently lax, as Gaara is able to get into Rock Lee's room to try and kill him and Naruto managed to sneak out and get ramen. 
  • The Konoha Hot Springs is the public bath of Konohagakure, divided down the middle between genders. Shinobi can use the baths as a training ground for basic chakra training. Using the hot water as a form of motivation, the trainee is more focused in using their chakra to support themselves on the water. 
  • Konoha Strict Correctional Facility, is a place where shinobi who have committed serious crimes work off their debt to society. In the past, this place used to be called the Special Ninja Felony Prison. The prison houses murderers and missing-nin who have broken the law. Known inmates of this facility are Mizuki, Fūjin and Raijin.
  • The Konoha Intelligence Division is one of the many organisations in Konohagakure. The division is headed by Ibiki Morino who along with an elite team of shinobi known as the Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force which deal with acquiring intelligence from shinobi for the benefit of the village. Several shinobi were carried here during the series in order to get intelligence out of them.
  • The Dango Shop (Dangoya; Literally meaning "Dumpling Shop") is a popular, well-known shop in Konohagakure that's famous for its dango. Anko Mitarashi, who has the sweetest tooth in the village, visits this shop often. The shop serves many other desserts that use dango in them, such as anmitsu, a popular Japanese dessert that is served in a bowl consisting of red bean paste (anko), small cubes of agar jelly, and pieces of fruit served with syrup, as seen when Sakura went there and ate anmitsu.
  • Amaguriama (Literally meaning "Sweet Chestnut Sweetness") is a popular sweet shop in Konohagakure located on Konoha Tea Avenue, specializing in chestnut candies, such as chestnut jellies and jams, and roasted-chestnuts. The shop serves many other sweets like dango, mame-daifuku,manjū, and sweet bean paste. Amaguriama has two shops in Konoha: one in Tea Avenue and one located in the Hot Springs District. The first shop allows customers to eat outside, while the second shop allows them to eat outside or inside.
  • The Shushuya is a Chinese-styled restaurant/pub in Konohagakure that sells their own brand of choice sake and serves large-platter cooking, when all the food is put on a single large plate. Its sake and yakitori roasted on a charcoal fire (sumibi yakitori) are very popular.
  • The Yakiniku Q is the favorite Korean, Gyū-Kaku-style yakiniku restaurant of Team Asuma that is located in Konohagakure. Its salted beef tongue with Welsh onion is a very popular dish in the village. Due to their Gyū-Kaku-style, each table has a charcoal brazier built in the centre and is equipped with tongs for cooking, since the Gyū-Kaku form of dining is one in which the customers cook their own food after ordering it.
  • Yamanaka Flowers (Yamanaka Hana) is a shop inKonohagakure owned by the Yamanaka clan. It sells flowers of all sorts and variety. Inoichi usually runs the shop. 
  • Nara Clan Forest is a large expanse of land owned by Konohagakure's Nara clan. Located on the outskirts of Konoha, it is a unique forest within the Land of Fire. Many deer reside here as the clan looks after them and often times use their antlers in medicines one such being the remedy to the Akimichi clan's Three Coloured Pills. According to Shikamaru Nara, no one but members of the clan are allowed to step foot into the forest without permission.
  • The Uchiha Senbei is a shop affiliated with the Uchiha clan that sells senbei within Konohagakure. The closely guarded secret recipe of the senbei gives the shop its fame. It is owned by Teyaki Uchiha and his wife Uruchi. Sasuke sometimes come here after his day at the Academy to get food.
  • The Naka River (Naka no Kawa; Literally meaning "River of Southern Joy") is a river flowing through Konohagakure. The river is located on the land where the Uchiha clan once lived and prospered and at some point, it passes through a deep ravine. 
  • The Zeroth Training Ground also known as the No-Hunting District is a wildlife preserve for rare and unusual animals. Much like the Forest of Death and other training fields, this one is surrounded by large wire mesh fences, bearing many signs forbidding entry. The interior of the training field consists of a forest containing many insectivorous plants, wide open plains with few trees and a cliff that was used for dramatic effect.
  • The Forty-Fourth Training Ground also known as the Forest of Death (Shi no Mori), was the stage for the second part of the Konoha Chūnin Exams, proctored by Anko Mitarashi. Its primary function served as a testing ground for the survival and fighting skills ofgenin trying to become chūnin. It was a very dangerous place, filled with hordes of flora and fauna, often gigantic, poisonous — or even more likely, both — hence its name.
  • The Konoha Sealed Hall is a location stated to have been around since the creation of the village thanks to the Shodaime wife, Mito Uzumaki. Located on the outskirts of Konohagakure, the Sealed Hall is built into a cave and has a torii gate at the front. As its name suggests, is protected by a powerful seal which only a master of fūinjutsu can unseal. It is used to store up powerful kinjutsu, including the Demon Shinki. The members of the Anbu from Konoha apparently also go here to conduct experiments.
  • The Fire Temple (Hi no Tera) is a large ninja temple or shinobi monastery in the Land of Fire that strongly resembled the Shaolin Monastery except that it only housed ninja monks. It was particularly famous among ninja temples. The monks were led by former Twelve Guardian Ninja Member, Chiriku. The Temple was located in an area surrounded by forests and was said to overflow with nature.
  • The Uzumaki Clan's Storage Temple is a shrine belonging to the Uzumaki clan, located somewhere along the outskirts of Konohagakure. Held inside are the Uzumaki's treasured "Tsukumogami" also known as living seals such as the Shinigami Mask, Samehada, Gloves of Intangibility, etc. This is one of the places where Naruto used to go to practice in secret.

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