Main Character 

Background: Naruto is the daughter of Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze and Minato Namikaze. She is the goddaughter and surrogate granddaughter of Jiraiya as well as Hiruzen Sarutobi. She was born in Konohagakure, making her a citizen by birth, but she could also be considered a foreign dignitary within the laws of the village, thanks to her mother. In this world, she becomes a genin at nine years old alongside her teammates Karin and Sai, led by Obito Uchiha whom she at first did not realize was also from her future timeline. A couple of months later, Naruto and her teammates took the Chunin Exams in Kumogakure after Obito lost a bet againest Naruto. Everyone was blown away upon seeing Naruto and even her fellow teammates dominated the exam. In the end, they all became chunins and stayed as a team though they drifted into different careers with Karin wanting to join Anbu Hunter-nin's and Sai wanting to become Head Anbu Commander secretly so he could protect her better. Naruto herself wants to teach a class and maybe get a team in about a year or two.

To keep people from figuring out her success, Naruto started a rumor that she had DROPPED out of the Ninja Academy and was actually running around the village parading as a ninja. Despite the absolute impossibility of this, a lot of the citizen, fellow students, and former classmates would not be swayed from their extremely illogical and quite possibly delusional beliefs. The fact that none of the teachers weren't quelling the odd rumor did not help. In Iruka's opinion, it simply "oh well" because when the brats finally graduated, they'd learn the truth pretty quick, especially if Naruto decided to take offense at their insinuations not knowing that SHE is the one who started it. Despite her efforts to keep people from knowing, ninjas and former ninjas alike have heard of all her success, great abilities, and the things she had brought to Konoha thanks to her fuinjutsu. 

Appearance: Naruto bears a striking resemblance to her father, having Minato's sun-kissed skin, deep blue eyes and golden blond spiky hair. However, she inherited the shape of her mother's eyes and face. She also bears a stark resemblance to her cousin Nawaki. Her most prominent physical characteristics are the whisker marks on her face and her long beautiful gold locks which she is growing out in honor of her mother and the Uzumaki clanswomen. In the academy, she kept her hair tucked underneath a bandanna and wore goggles over her forehead or eyes. Once she graduates, she keeps it out freely, but on missions, it's in a bun. Thanks to having a better diet, she is the same height as Shino, making her not only the tallest out of the girls age group, but the second of her former class. To her annoyance, her body has also matured faster than in her original world and ended up with a rather curvaceous figure in comparison to all the other girls besides Hinata. On her right palm is a light circle mark for the Six Paths Yang Power. Going up her left arm, are beautifully intricate designs of different seals.

 Outfit: Back in the academy, she wore her signature orange and blue jumpsuit along with her bandanna, goggles, and gama-chan purse. After becoming a chunin, Naruto wears a sleeveless black turtle-neck-style zipped up jacket with the Uzumaki Swirl crest on the back and underneath is a mesh tube top. She wears black form-fitting spandex pants along with matching tall open-toed boots, burnt orange fingerless gloves, and a forehead protector that was given to her by Iruka-sensei after she graduated the Academy. Attached to her right-knee over white bandages are a shuriken holster along with scrolls looped on her orange belt with a red swirl buckle. Over everything is a tan haori with elbow-length sleeves. 

 Personality: Outwardly, Naruto appears to be exuberant, brash, inattentive, and heedless to formality or social standings. It is rare to see her outside a serious mission as her mature, calm, and truly self-confident, mostly because it's fun to see other's reactions. However when she is in Fuinjutsu!Mode, you damn well better not get in her way and claim she don't know what she's doing unless you want to be buried a 100 feet underneath her foot! Naruto has been said to possess a very friendly and kind nature as well as a unique charisma. It is thanks to those traits that over the course of the series, she has built many relationships despite many starting off antagonistic. Through her tenacity and empathy, they developed into deep, long lasting friendships. So while she may not be a genius in terms of academics and may even be a tad bit cocky, she has a naturally cheerful and kind nature with a will that can't be broken no matter how many times someone tries to put her down. She is someone who values friendship above all else, and would do anything to protect her loved ones, a trait admired by a lot of people. Ironically she is afraid of ghosts even though she talks to the spirits of the Uzumaki clanswomen, and still carry around a chubby green-frog wallet which she fondly calls "Gama-chan". Naruto also has a habit of giving people she meets nicknames or without appropriate honourifics, though this is on purpose. Her dream for the future is to protect all her loved one's and to change the world by becoming allies with all the countries instead of enemies. 

 Favorites: Her favorite food are all types of Ramen, especially Ichiraku Ramen, and sweet food such as Red Bean Soup. She absolutely loves the color orange, and even more so after realizing that her mother had red hair and her father yellowish hair. She likes using her yang chakra to make her plants grow faster, long-lasting, and healthier. Naruto has a love-hate relatioship with her family tic of ending her sentences with "Dattebayo!" when excited or frustrated. She loves bugging the crap out of Obito and Kakashi,  just love teasing her teammates mercilessly, and and likes the challenge of hiding her true abilities from everyone.

Hobbies: Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength, develops control and endurance in the whole human body. It is described as a mix of ballet techniques used to strengthen and lengthen the muscles. It also puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, and developing a strong powerhouse, and improving coordination and balance. Many types of people, at many levels of fitness, who have begun doing Pilates exercises say they've seen improvements in range of motion, flexibility, circulation, posture, and abdominal strength -- and decreases in back, neck and joint pain.

  1. Pulling Pranks: Pranks are something she was doing from the moment she was born up until her death. She had a profound love and excitement from planning her next "artwork". There was just something about it that made her feel giddy; probably the reactions she received from doing it. When she was much younger in her original world, she did it to gain attention from being ignored. Now she only pulls pranks because there extremely fun
  2. Gardening: This is hobby that provides her mind and and body a chance to re-channel some energy and release some pent-up emotions which is a lot for her. Besides plants, she loves dealing with her kitchen garden, producing fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs for delicious, healthy meals. This hobby definitely came in handy towards the people who wanted to sell her expired produce for over-charged prices.
  3. Cooking: Similar to gardening, cooking is another way for her to relax and to take her mind off her everyday problems. It was also the thrill of experimenting with new and creative flavors, cooking up exotic dishes, and even bringing smiles to people faces as they enjoyed her dishes that made her love cooking. 
  4. Toymaking: She handcraft and design toys such as her phoenix puppet toy. After making it, she drew a few bold, sweeping lines on the carved phoenix puppet, and brought it to life with a flare of chakra. It had danced for her, bowed and fluttered and stepped gracefully across the stand, all because of some ink and lines. 

 *New Abilities  #Naruto is a ninjutsu and fuinjutsu specialist with a high skill in taijutsu. Instead of medical-ninjutsu, she utilizes her yang-chakra healing abilities. Genjutsu is her weakness, but she has a seal to counter it's effect with the help of Kurama.

  1.  Negative Emotions Sensing: Kurama has the ability to sense negative emotions such as hatred and killing intent of any individual around it. In turn, it was passed down to his jinchuriki. Combined with her Mind's Eye of the Kagure ability, she has no trouble tracking people down.
  2. Six Paths Yang Chakra: Strong potent chakra gifted to her by Hagoromo Otsutsuki , the Sage of Six Paths. This was easily done thanks to her being the literal incarnation of her ancestor, Asura Otsutsuki. This is reprensented by a light-coloured, sun-like marking on her right palm. Everyone in this world simply thought it was another marking symbolizing her Jinchuriki status like her whisker marks. 
  3. Mind's Eye of Kagura: This ability allows the user to find, sense, and track individuals through their chakra over vast range that exceeds ten kilometres. The ability extends to telling when a person is lying from the fluctuations in a person's chakra made from dishonest emotions or detecting if someone, including themself, is under a genjutsu. Almost all the fem!Naruto fanfictions have her with Chakra Chains, but I gave her this Uzumaki ability instead. 
  4. Fuinjutsu Master: Surpassing her former teachers and parents, she had gained a mastery over the art of sealing. It is actually a very prominent part of this story, and how Naruto managed to save her former world. Seals shown here are Self-Defense Seal Systems, Comm Link Seals, Transportation Seals, Overlook Seal, Seal Duplication, Anti-Genjutsu Seal, Sage Mode Seal, Preservative Seals, Privacy Seal, Sensory Deprivation Seal, Yang Seal: Fortitude of a Hundred, etc.
  5. Kurama Style is a taijutsu style named after her long-time nine-tailed best friend who helped her create this. It is a style based on high-speed attacks to overwhelm the opponent with fast hard strikes, evasive movements, feints, and counter's. The user's moves are quite unpredictable so you never know when the user is going to hit, where, or with what body part. It was developed on pure speed, flexibility, and some light muscle work that allows swift and fast movements. Also the user can add chakra to parts of their body like your hands for hard punches and kicks. Zanzō is a taijutsu technique that creates a bunch of after-images to confuse his opponents, a highly developed application of the simple bunshin no jutsu.